Memoirs of a Driving instructor

Are you thinking about becoming, or planning to become a driving instructor? Do you need advice? Do you know what to expect? Are you already a potential driving instructor? Let me tell you a little about this book of memoirs: If you’ve picked up this thread, then you are either already a driving instructor, in […]

The Stages of Sleep: The Sleep Cycle Explained

Scientists have identified four main stages of sleep that we go through during the night. Each stage has a significant purpose that makes them important. These are: Stage One: Drowsy Light Sleep Stage Two: Light Sleep Stage Three: Deep Sleep Stage Four: REM (Rapid Eye Movement). This is when dreaming occurs. These stages typically progress […]

Children’s Bedtime Poem: Time to go to Sleep

The night is dark Out comes the moon The time for bed Is very soon Pick a star Up in the sky Pick one that is Very high One that glitters Shines and gleams And wish for sweet Happy dreams Then close your eyes Don’t you peep And quietly, softly Go to sleep Children’s Poem […]

A Little Robin Bird

Robin As delicate light infuses the dark A simple song hails morn It’s single sweetness serenades The chorus of the dawn And as the light grows stronger still More voices join the tune And darkness leaves with dignity And takes with him the moon This morning choir is led by one A little robin bird […]


They say time waits for no one, and I know that this is true It bothers me somewhat when there’s so much I want to do You cannot slow it down, it’s endless walk along the sands A never ending trek that pays no mercy to your plans And if you take too long to […]

Goats, Kids and Naughty Children

It was mid Saturday morning, in a noisy crowded supermarket. Busy shoppers bustled, pushing their laden trolleys, up and down the well-stocked aisles, hunting for the shelves that held the foods they wanted to buy. When above the general din came a loud unruly child’s voice. “I want sweets!” demanded little Harry at the top […]

Jack and the Friendly Aliens

My name is Jack And soon you will see Amazing adventures That happened to me I’ve written them down Here for you to view And maybe some day It’ll happen to you! I was out in my garden Riding round on my bike But the ground was too bumpy Not flat, how I like When […]

Jokes to Brighten Your Day

There was a man who entered a local paper pun contest. He sent in ten different puns in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did. I thought I’d tell you a brilliant time-travel joke, but you didn’t like it. Tip of the day: If you’re […]

Before You Drive on a Motorway

Fatigue Before you drive on a motorway you should make sure you are in a fit state of health, and are well rested, not tired. Fatigue is a major cause of accidents on the motorway, because of the nature of the road. Journeys can be long and monotonous. If you do start to feel tired […]

Blue Ben Dragon of Kilve

In old English folklore, the Blue Ben Dragon was a massive blue Wyvern dragon, who was able to breathe terrible flames of fire. His isolated lair was in the ancient shale caves of the craggy Somerset coast. This immense creature chose to bathe in the cool sea on warm summer days to cool down after […]