Society of Flowers; A Metaphorical Moral

How beautiful the flowers are

In Spring and Summer time

The clambering Clematis

That does a trellis climb

And from the top triumphant

They gather their applause

Greedily supporting

Their egocentric cause

Standing to attention

The daffodil is proud

In regimental fashion

Collectively they crowd

Ready with their trumpets

Soundlessly serenade

The march into the springtime

They effortlessly made

The tulips reaching skywards

Their petals stretching high

Flexing with the confidence

Of arrogance and pride

They state their selfish business

With colour variance

Rebuffing all those hoping

To share their flamboyance

The Queen of all the garden

The splendid regal rose

Graceful in perfection

Resplendent in her pose

Surrounded by her subjects

Above them she is tall

She pays them no attention

They taint her not at all

But she may be mistaken

The others maybe too

Their pride will so forsake them

For they are just the few

The rose in all her splendour

She may be great indeed

But don’t ignore the beauty

Of the disregarded weed

The dandelions and daisies

That grew from wild seeds

Are just as blooming beautiful

These acquiescent weeds

They need little attending

Returning every year

Simplicity in structure

Decorating everywhere

They’ll grow in much abundance

Through Spring, Summer, Fall

The Queen with all her soldiers

Will not outshine them all

They have something in common

They need the light of sun

They also need the water

For all will die with none

The Queen will dry and wither

The daisies will the same

The daffodils and tulips

And dandelions will wane

So too will the clematis

And every single flower

For no one lives forever

No one has that power

So by the grace of God himself

The Queen must understand

She is no better than the weeds

That flower across the land

Debbie Brewer

Published by debbiebrewerblog

Marking the world with ink and electronic footprints.

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