Poems of Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Fitzgerald (1896 – 1940) was a successful American novelist.

He was famous for four novels; ‘This Side Of Paradise’, ‘The Beautiful And Damned’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, and ‘Tender Is The Night’, which earned him recognition as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

Less well known, but of equal importance, are his poems, which display his remarkable ability for descriptive and emotive poetry such as ‘Thousand And First Ship’.

Thousand And First Ship

In the fall of sixteen
In the cool of the afternoon
I saw Helena
Under a white moon—
I heard Helena
In a haunted doze
Say: “I know a gay place
Nobody knows.”

Her voice promised
She’d live with me there
She’d bring me everything—
I needn’t care:
Patches to mend my clothes
When they were torn
Sunshine from Maryland,
Where I was born.

My kind of weather,
As wild as wild,
And a funny book
I wanted as a child;
Sugar and, you know,
Reason and rhyme,
And water like water
I had one time.

There’d be an orchestra
Bingo! Bango!
Playing for us
To dance the tango,
And people would clap
When we arose,
At her sweet face
And my new clothes

But more than all this
Was the promise she made
That nothing, nothing,
Ever would fade—
Nothing would fade
Winter or fall,
Nothing would fade,
Practically nothing at all.

Helena went off
And married another,
She may be dead
Or some man’s mother.
I have no grief left
But I’d like to know
If she took him
Where she promised we’d go

This collection of Francis Scott Fitzgerald poetry includes The Staying Up All Night, Rain Before Dawn, On A Play Twice Seen, A Poem Amory Sent To Eleanor And Which He Called “Summer Storm”, A Poem That Eleanor Sent Amory Several Years Later, Sleep Of A University, Princeton – The Last Day, We Leave Tonight, Marching Streets, City Dusk, The Pope At Confession, Fragment, One Southern Girl, Football, My First Love, Clay Feet, Lamp In A Window, On Misseldine’s, To Boath, Our April Letter, Oh, Sister, Can You Spare Your Heart, Sad Catastrophe, Thousand And First Ship and more.

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