They say time waits for no one, and I know that this is true
It bothers me somewhat when there’s so much I want to do
You cannot slow it down, it’s endless walk along the sands
A never ending trek that pays no mercy to your plans

And if you take too long to think of all you want to do
The sands of time conspire to make a mockery of you
They’ve no constraints, no shackles, flowing forward ever on
But you are finite and as such, your journey not so long

Be wise, and fill your piece of time with all that makes you smile
Own the moment you exist in, laugh with every mile
Travel every corner of the earth, it will not wait
Visit every culture, before you meet your final fate

Marvel at the wonders that your limited life can know
Experience every possibility the world can show
But don’t despair, don’t wish that time would stop its mindless flow
Without the march of time, we’d lose the zest for life you know

Where would be ambition with no future to perceive?
No rush to learn, no need to know, and no urge to achieve
There’d always be tomorrow, so today would be a breeze
And then tomorrow is today, and still nobody sees

I put to you that time becomes our drive for questing more
The engine of our thoughts and our intense need to explore
Awareness of mortality encourages us to learn
And pass our knowledge down to young, now here to take their turn

The wheels of time provokes us to imagine and create,
Philosophise and theorise, love and procreate
Imagine life without these things, how pointless it would be?
So time, I understand you now, walk slowly next to me

Poetry by Debbie Brewer

Excerpt taken from Poetry Treasures, Special Edition

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Marking the world with ink and electronic footprints.

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