Jack and the Friendly Aliens

Children’s Poetry Fiction

My name is Jack

And soon you will see

Amazing adventures

That happened to me

I’ve written them down

Here for you to view

And maybe some day

It’ll happen to you!

I was out in my garden

Riding round on my bike

But the ground was too bumpy

Not flat, how I like

When up in the sky

Was a big orange light

Coming down down towards me

An amazing sight!

I moved out of the way

As the object got near

The roaring of engines

was all I could hear

It set down beside me

Like a gigantic beast

Then it switched off the engines

And the dreadful noise ceased

The door slowly opened

And from it poured steam

And then the steam cleared

Could this all be a dream?

Then out of the doorway

Walked an alien being

I stood very still

Not sure what I was seeing

It had a big head

A small mouth and small nose

It had two enormous eyes

And only four toes

It was the same height as me

And its skin was pale green

It had two arms and two legs

And its body was lean

Its fingers were long

Each one like a twig

It didn’t seem scary

But those eyes were so big

I couldn’t help staring

I know it was rude

But I wasn’t used to meeting

Such an unusual dude

He said “Greetings Earthling

I come here from Mars

I have travelled afar

Between planets and stars

My teachers have sent me

Please do not object

I need to get specimens

For my science project

I promise I won’t hurt you

It’s only for school

But a human from Earth

Would look really cool

Would you mind if I took you

Back with me to Mars?

My teacher will be so pleased

He’ll give me top marks.”

I looked at him, blinking

Could this really be true

An alien wanted me

What should I do?

Should I run away quickly

Or should I stay here

Perhaps I should stay

And show him no fear

So I plucked up my courage

And tried to explain

If I went off to Mars

My Mum would complain

They would not understand

They would worry you see

Because they won’t know

What has happened to me

“Oh please say you’ll come

You won’t be gone long

Your parents will not even

Notice you’re gone

I’ll have you back here

Before you can say ‘boo’

And no one will know

What you have been up to.”

‘Why not?’ I thought

It sounded dead cool

And it was the weekend

So I wouldn’t miss school

The alien smiled

His eyes shining wide

With a reassuring nod

He beckoned me inside…

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