Blue Ben Dragon of Kilve

In old English folklore, the Blue Ben Dragon was a massive blue Wyvern dragon, who was able to breathe terrible flames of fire.

His isolated lair was in the ancient shale caves of the craggy Somerset coast.

This immense creature chose to bathe in the cool sea on warm summer days to cool down after he had been breathing fire and terrorizing local villages for sheep and cattle to eat.

He is said to have built the great limestone causeway, near Kilve in West Somerset, so that he didn’t get stuck in the dank mires of the mud flats between the sea water and his own cave lair.

One hot day, the devil himself, discovered the dark cave and entered to find Blue Ben there, asleep. With his evil powers, he enslaved the mighty dragon, and kept him as his pet. He would ride him relentlessly through the fires of Hell, with a terrible wrath that only he, the devil, was capable of.

Eventually,  the furious dragon escaped, but in his hurry to get back to the safety of his dark cavernous lair, he forgot to use the limestone causeway and took a short cut across the watery mud flats. There, flailing about in the mud, the huge dragon became trapped. Being of such a heavy weight, the mud slowly consumed him until he was gone from the surface.

Excerpt taken from Dragon Legends of Olde England

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