The Hexagram, Star of David and Solomon’s Seal


The hexagram is a six pointed star, constructed from two equilateral triangles derived from the hexagon, often displayed in a circle.

In South Indian Hindu temples, the hexagram is a mandala, symbolising a perfect meditative state achieved between Man and God. It is called the Nara-Narayana, and it is said to point to heaven and earth, drawing them together. Nara and Narayana were two inseparable sages, twins, who defeated a demon called Sahasrakavacha for the sake of mankind. (Nair, 2013).

The upward triangle represents Shiva, (fire and masculinity). The downward triangle represents Shakti, (the sacred embodiment of femininity). The union of the two represents creation. The two locked triangles are known as Shanmukha, or six-faced, which represents the six faces of Shiva and Shakti’s progeny, Kartikeya.

The Star of David.

The hexagram is also known as the Star of David and is often referred to as the Shield of David or the Magen David. It is named after King David of Israel. Today, it is the symbol of the Jewish religion and the State of Israel. It first became associated with the Jewish community in Prague in 1300 AD.

The Star of David has seven compartments. Six peaks and the centre. The peaks are said to contain kindness, severity, harmony, perseverance, splendour, and royalty. The centre contains Foundation, to which the others are rooted in and arise from. (Silberberg, 2008).

Solomon’s Seal

King Solomon was the son of David. Solomon’s Seal, also known as the Ring of Solomon, and Seal of Solomon, was depicted as a magic signet ring, which gave Solomon the power to command demons and speak with animals. It was said to have been engraved by God and given to the King from heaven. (Mingren, 2016).


There are several versions of what is thought to be Solomon’s Seal. Some site a difference between the Star of David and Solomon’s Seal, in that the Star of David has only intersecting triangles, whereas the Seal of Solomon has interlaced triangles:

Excerpt from ‘Sacred Geometry Book Of History, Meanings And How To Create Them’

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