Angel Signs and Communication

Do we have full understanding or control over every single event in our lives?

Sometimes things happen for which we have no rational explanation. They could be random. But sometimes it can be surprisingly well timed. And there are times when something very simple will occur, that you will notice, to which there is no earthly human logical reasoning. This is when an angel is communicating with you, through coincidences, synchronicities and signs.


Coincidences occur when two events, which have nothing presently to do which each other, happen within a very short space of time, and then a link between them becomes apparent retrospectively.

When you ask for help from an angel, or even acknowledge your faith in angels, coincidences start to happen. The more you look for them, the more you recognise them happening.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous Albert Einstein

There are three types of coincidences:

  • Sign Coincidences
  • Right Time Coincidence
  • Right place Coincidences

Sign Coincidences

Some coincidences are signs that occur soon after a request for help from an angel has been made.

For example, you may have asked for help to heal a sick child, and then very soon after, you see a feather float down in front of you, from no apparent source, or a light brush against your arm, when there is no-one there. This is a coincidence. It is a communication from an angel to show they have heard your request and they are sharing with you their intention to help you.

Right Time Coincidences

Other coincidences are called right time coincidences. These are where several related situations happen within a short space of time.

For example, you may have asked an angel for guidance on coping with a broken relationship. Very soon a song plays on the radio that capsulises how you are feeling. Or the phone rings and it is an old friend ringing for a chat. Or someone new unexpectedly enters your life in a random way. These are communications and interventions from your angel, providing guidance and help.

Right Place Coincidences

Another form of coincidences are right place coincidences. These occur when you just happen to be in the right place for a situation that you have asked for to be played out.

For example, you may have asked an angel for help to find a job as a receptionist. Very soon, you go to a friend’s BBQ and happen to meet with a friend whose brother is looking for a receptionist for his company. Or, you are having your hair cut at your regular hairdressers and the receptionist there tells you she is leaving and they need to fill her position. Or you might be having a coffee in a café, and there is a newspaper left on your table. The first page you turn to has an advert for your perfect job. This is angelic intervention, clearing the way and helping you to follow the path you have chosen. Your angel has ensured everything is in place to guide you.


Synchronicity involves synchronous timing. It is when two separate events occur at the same time, which have meanings emerge when viewed together.

The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts -The Theory of Synergy

When one thing happens, it can be considered as chance. But when two or more things happen at the same time, that is angelic intervention and communication.

For example, you may have asked an angel to reassure that you are following the right path for your life. Very soon, your favourite song plays on the radio. At the same time, a rainbow appears in the sky, it stops raining, the sun comes out and a small child randomly waves at you. These events are synchronised by your angel to provide you with the reassurance you requested. You will know. You will find yourself smiling inside and overcome by a feeling of calm.


Signs can occur within coincidences or synchronous events, but they can also occur on their own. They can be one off events, created by angels to help, guide or protect you.

These signs may be direct and obvious or indirect and more subtle. But the more you look for them, the more you will get used to recognising them and the more often you will see them.

It might be something you see, feel or tangibly touch, and when you find yourself saying, “It’s a sign”, then your intuition is right. This is you accepting communication from an angel.

Some signs will be personal, and will only have meaning for you. But you will see and understand them if you look. They tell us the angels are near and they give us a message to interpret.

Some common signs are often used by angels to communicate their presence. These can be found in the form of:

Feathers, Rainbows, Bells, Voices, Coins, Changes in the Localised Climate, Media, Clouds, Lights and Orbs, Feelings, Wing Symbols, Music, Clock Chimes, Scent, Babies, Young Children and Pets, Objects Falling, Dreams, Repetition, Identical Numbers, Unique Numbers, Number Manipulation, Number Patterns.

Excerpt taken from Understand Angels, Their Mission, Guidance and Connection With You.

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