Coping With Nerves On Your Driving Test

In December 2017, the driving test changed. The main changes mean that there is now twenty minutes of independent driving, which may be following a sat-nav or following signs, a change in the show me tell me questions, and a change in the manoeuvres that you could be asked to do.

With regards to the show me tell me questions, you will be asked one tell me question before you set off on your test, and then one show me question while you are driving. Show Me Tell Me Questions For The Driving Test.

With regards to the manoeuvres, while you may still be asked to perform a parallel park or a reverse bay park, they no longer ask to see a left reverse around the corner, or a turn in the road. Instead, they may ask you to perform a right reverse or a forward bay park. Step By Step Guide To The Driving Test Manoeuvres.

On the day of your test, it is good advice to eat and take fluids as normal to aid your concentration. This can also help calm the nerves.

You are bound to feel a little nervous, but that’s perfectly normal. Just try to relax.

If you know in advance that you will be very nervous, you could try talking to your pharmacist about herbal remedies, such as Rescue Remedy and Kalms.

In extreme cases, you could ask your doctor for his/her advice.

When you meet the examiner and go out for your test, the examiners know you will be feeling nervous. They are friendly professional people, and will try to put you at ease. They understand. Remember, they’ve had to do a driving test too at some stage in the past, so they know how you’re feeling!

I always explain it to my pupils like this:

The examiners are on your side. They sit down next to you, wanting to pass you. They just want to see you do a safe drive, showing due regard for the law and curtesy to other drivers.

It’s a bit like having a parent sitting next to you, telling you, that if you show them that you’re safe, they’ll let you have your full licence. They’ve got your best interests at heart and they just want to know that you’re going to be safe.

So if you are learning to drive, or have a driving test booked, don’t worry. It is normal to feel nervous. Just keep calm and concentrate. Remember, its only 35-40 minutes long. You’ve got this!

For more information about the driving test, read What To Expect On Your Driving Test

Essential reading for every new driver.

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